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Identification Policy

You must bring two valid and unexpired forms of identification, as detailed below, printed in English.

The forms of identification presented must be original (not a photocopy or digital ID) and cannot be damaged.

You will not be permitted to test without proper identification. If you are refused admission, you will not receive a refund or transfer of fees.

The first identification must be government issued and must have a clear photograph and your signature.

Examples include:

The second identification can be another form of identification listed above or one that has either a photo or a signature.

Examples include:

Please note the following:

IMPORTANT: Your name must exactly match the identification presented at the time of testing or you will not be able to take your exam, with the following clarifications:

If the name on your identification differs from the name provided during registration, you must bring official, legal documentation of the name change. A photocopy will not be accepted.

Examples of this documentation include: