Score Verification Sessions

Starting in January 2017, all Score Verification correspondence will be delivered via email. Examinees who attend a Score Verification session on or after January 2, 2017, will receive a response to their complete item scoring challenges or score review requests at the email address listed in their FTCE/FELE account. Please ensure that the email address provided during registration for the Score Verification session is up to date and functional. After registration, please notify FTCE/FELE Customer Service of any changes to your email address.

If you receive a non-passing score within 10 scale score points of the passing scale score of 200 or receive a "NOT PASS" result on a performance component subtest/section, you may request an appointment for a score verification session.

Score verification sessions allow examinees the opportunity to review written performance responses and/or multiple-choice items answered incorrectly and to submit scoring challenges; however, they are NOT provided for study purposes. Examinees are not given the correct answers to multiple-choice items and are not provided with information on how to improve responses to performance assessments. Score verification sessions are NOT an opportunity to retake the test. You will not be able to change your responses or modify your answers in any way.

You can register for a score verification session through your account. You will have 30 days from the score report date to register for a session. Sessions must be scheduled within 45 days of the score report date, but no sooner than 31 days after the test date.

If eligible, score verification will only be available for your most recent unpassed test. You must register for and schedule a score verification session within the aforementioned time frame. You will not be able to register for a session if you have already registered to retake the test, including any of its subtests/sections. If your exam included performance assessment components, you are encouraged to wait until official scores are released for all subtests/sections of your examination before registering to retest or for a score verification session.

A score verification session costs $75 and must be paid using a credit, debit, or check card Link opens pop-up window. Effective August 1, 2018, if you receive an updated score report as a result of attending a score verification session, you will receive a refund of this session fee.

For more information about registration and what to expect at a session, review the Score Verification Session Information Form Link opens a PDF document.

The video below provides a general overview of score verification and will also be shown to you, on site, if you attend a session.

A script of the video Link opens a PDF document is also available upon request at the test center.