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French K–12

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Speaking Skills

Test Format and Sample Questions

The French K to 12 subject area test consists of sections that test your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, as well as your knowledge of pedagogy and French linguistic structures, vocabulary, and culture. The test includes approximately 78 questions, and you will have two-and-one-half hours to complete the entire test.

Speaking Skills

In this section of the test you will perform speaking tasks  start italics in French end italics  when presented with an example, a scenario, a situation, or statement recorded  start italics in French end italics . The speaking tasks will consist of responding appropriately to a variety of test items that measure the ability to satisfy the demands of school, work, and everyday situations.

You will also be expected to present cultural information, concepts, and ideas on a variety of topics.

Scoring Guidelines: Speaking

Your oral response will be scored holistically by two raters. The raters will use the criteria listed below when evaluating your response. The score you receive for your oral response is the combined total of the two raters' scores.

1 Pronunciation usually unintelligible. Grammar almost entirely inaccurate except in stock phrases. Vocabulary inadequate for even the simplest conversation. Content inappropriate for the situation. Speech is so halting and fragmentary that conversation is virtually impossible.
2 Frequent gross errors and/or a very heavy accent making understanding difficult. Constant errors showing control of very few major patterns; errors frequently obscure communication. Vocabulary limited to survival needs. Content mostly inappropriate for the situation. Speech is slow and uneven except for short sentences and stock phrases.
3 Strong "foreign accent" requires concentrated listening; mispronunciations may lead to occasional misunderstanding. Frequent errors showing some major patterns uncontrolled. Choice of words frequently inaccurate; limitations of vocabulary prevent discussion of some common topics. Content partially inappropriate for the situation and/or length of response less than 50 percent of allotted time. Speech is frequently hesitant and jerky, may be characterized by non-French phatic expressions; sentences may be left uncompleted.
4 Noticeable "foreign accent" and/or occasional mispronunciations that do not interfere with understanding. Choice of words usually accurate; general vocabulary permits discussion (with some circumlocutions) of a wide range of topics. Occasional errors showing imperfect control of some minor but no major patterns. Content appropriate with minimal interpretative detail. Length of response at least 50% of allotted time.Length of response at least 50 percent of allotted time. Speech is occasionally hesitant with some unevenness caused by repetitive groping for words.
5 Rare mispronunciations and/or noticeable regional accent; close to prescriptive model. Few performance errors, with competence evident in all patterns. Choice of words almost always accurate; evidence of ability to distinguish registers. Content appropriate with more extensive interpretative detail. Speech is usually effortless and smooth, but with rare repetitions and pauses.
6 Polished pronunciation; consistently serves as prescriptive model of standard French. Grammatical usage consistently serves as prescriptive model. Vocabulary sufficiently accurate, extensive, and nuanced to serve as prescriptive model. Content sufficiently appropriate and detailed to serve as a prescriptive model. Speech is effortless and smooth, presenting a prescriptive model.


For items 1 to 3, items are presented on the audio recording and you will record your responses  start italics in French end italics  by speaking into the microphone on your headset.

For each question, you will press Play to hear the question. You will have two (2) opportunities to listen to each excerpt. If/when you want to hear the second play, you will click the Play button again. Once the second play has begun, you will not be able to replay the audio excerpt again.

Once you have heard the question, you may begin your audio recording by clicking the Record button. It is expected that you will use all or most of the time allotted for your responses in order to provide an adequate speaking sample.

You will NOT be able to re-record your responses so be sure to speak loudly and clearly and complete your response in the allotted time.

Sample Speaking Items