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Music K–12

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Test Format and Sample Questions

The Music K to 12 subject area test consists of approximately 80 multiple-choice questions. You will have two and one-half hours to complete the test.

Each of the questions will contain four response options. You will choose the best response out of the available options, and indicate A, B, C, or D.

Some of the test items are based on recorded musical excerpts. These listening items, which comprise approximately 10 items on the exam, are related to skills in Competencies 1, 2, and 3. For some of these questions, you will have to identify basic elements of music, including rhythm, melody, harmonic structure, form, tone color, style, and expressive characteristics. Other questions may require you to compare a recorded performance and its notation in order to identify a problem with balance, phrasing, tempo, or intonation.

The questions and response options for these items are presented in the test. You will begin each musical excerpt by clicking the Play button. You will have two (2) opportunities to listen to each excerpt. If/when you want to hear the second play, you will click the Play button again. Once the second play has begun, you will not be able to replay the audio excerpt again, so be sure to listen carefully.

You may return to and review questions in this section; however, the number of audio playbacks is limited, so you may not be able to replay the audio excerpts upon return to the questions (e.g., if you have already listened to an excerpt twice, you will not be able to replay it again).

The listening items are grouped at the beginning of the test.

The table below presents types of questions on the exam and directs you to examples of these formats among the sample items that follow.

Table of Question Formats

Type of Question Sample Question
Direct question
Choose the response option that best answers the question.
Question 1
Determine a performance problem by choosing the best option.
Question 18
Listen to a recorded musical passage and identify a musical feature by selecting the best response option.
Question 19

Sample Questions

The following questions represent both the form and content of questions on the examination. These questions will acquaint you with the general format of the examination; however, these sample questions do not cover all of the competencies and skills that are tested and will only approximate the degree of examination difficulty.