Your Test Appointment

Receiving Your Admission Ticket

After you register for a test, you will receive an admission ticket by email to bring to your test appointment. You may also log in to your account to view or print your admission ticket.

Your admission ticket will include the address of the test site.

Reporting to the Test Site

Report to the test site 30 minutes before the appointment time indicated on your admission ticket.

You must bring the following to your test appointment:

See the policies on arriving late Link opens pop-up window and missing your appointment.Link opens pop-up window

Taking the Test

The test session provides enough time for pre-administration activities and test completion. Plan to use the entire session.

Before testing

  • Complete pre-administration activities, including identity verification procedures such as having your photo taken and your palm scanned.
  • Place all personal items, including any prohibited materials,Link opens pop-up window into the secure storage provided.
  • Receive an erasable notepad and pen from the test proctor.
  • Complete a tutorial on how to take a computer-based test, including how to record your responses to multiple-choice questions and performance components.

During testing

  • You may take restroom breaks. Time taken for breaks is part of your testing time. Examinees taking all subtests of the FELE and examinees taking three or more subtests of the Prekindergarten/Primary PK–3 test or the Elementary Education K–6 test will receive scheduled breaks. Examinees taking all four subtests of the General Knowledge test will receive a 15-minute break.
  • You may not communicate with other examinees or unauthorized persons either in person or by communication device.
  • You will be monitored continuously and may also be videotaped.
  • You will not lose any testing time if your computer freezes. If this or other problems occur, you will resume testing where you stopped once the issue is resolved.

After testing

  • At the conclusion of testing, your test materials will be collected and you will be dismissed from the test session.
  • Once you have been dismissed, you must leave the test site.
  • If you have a test appointment later in the day, return to the test site 30 minutes before your next appointment.
  • If you would like to submit comments about your test appointment, go to Link opens in a new window. and follow the "online survey" link to complete a Customer Feedback Survey. Your feedback will be analyzed by the Florida Department of Education and used for program improvement.