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Spanish K–12

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Listening Skills

Test Format and Sample Questions

The Spanish K to 12 subject area test consists of sections that test your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills; your knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures; of Spanish language structure and vocabulary; and of effective teaching and learning strategies based on second language acquisition principles. The test includes approximately 81 questions, and you will have two-and-one-half hours to complete the entire test.

Listening Skills

Recorded passages, of approximately one minute in length each, are used to test your listening skills. After each passage is played, one question is presented on the recording start emphasis in Spanish end emphasis . Neither the passage nor the question appears on the screen. The multiple-choice response options for each question are presented on the screen  start emphasis in Spanish end emphasis . You will select the best answer and indicate your choice by selecting A, B, or C.

Table of Question Formats

Question Format Sample Item
Listening passage
Listen to a recorded passage in informal or formal Spanish, such as a dialogue, interview, news item, short lecture on a familiar topic, or an informational report. After each recorded question, choose one of the response options by selecting A, B, or C.
Item 1

Sample Questions

The following questions represent both the form and content of questions on the examination. These questions will acquaint you with the general format of the examination; however, these sample questions do not cover all of the competencies and skills that are tested and will only approximate the degree of examination difficulty.