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Spanish K–12

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Multiple Choice Section

Test Format and Sample Questions

The Spanish K to 12 subject area test consists of sections that test your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills; your knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures; of Spanish language structure and vocabulary; and of effective teaching and learning strategies based on second language acquisition principles. The test includes approximately 81 questions, and you will have two-and-one-half hours to complete the entire test.

Multiple Choice

This section of the test consists of multiple-choice items. Read the question, select the best answer, and indicate your choice by selecting A, B, C, or D.

Table of Question Formats

Question Format Sample Items
Interpretive Reading
Read a passage and select the response option that correctly identifies the main idea or a key detail in the passage or that states a logical inference or prediction that can be made based on a passage.
Item 8
Spanish-speaking Cultures
Select the response option that correctly identifies or describes practices, products, or perspectives of Spanish-speaking cultures, such as arts and literature; social behavior and customs; social, economic, and political institutions; and beliefs and values. Identify relationships among the perspectives, products, and practices of Spanish-speaking cultures and how they are influenced by history and geography.
Item 10
Language Structure
Decide whether a given sentence is grammatically correct and select the response option that accurately describes why the sentence is correct or incorrect. Or, select the response option that corrects a grammatical error in a given text or that preserves the grammatical correctness of a given text.
Item 20
Second Language Acquisition Principles and Pedagogy
Select the response option that accurately identifies or describes research-based theories and practices of Spanish-language instruction, including methods, materials, and technologies.
Item 23

Sample Questions

The following questions represent both the form and content of questions on the examination. These questions will acquaint you with the general format of the examination; however, these sample questions do not cover all of the competencies and skills that are tested and will only approximate the degree of examination difficulty.